Our Team

Our Purpose

Our mission is to create an ecosystem of trusted buyers and sellers and to educate the masses about digital assets.

3 Countries, 1 Mission

William BeAird, Founder


  • Resides in Miami Florida

  • Started three 6 figure agencies from scratch in various industries (Real estate, E-commerce, Education)

  • Started first Cash Cow Channel in 2019

  • Has successfully built, bought, and sold over 12 channels

Rens Arts, Project Manager

  • Resides in the Netherlands

  • 3 years of building and flipping Cash Cow channels

  • Helped over 200 students worldwide build their own channels

  • Successfully built and sold over 10+ channels

Jannis Carstensen, Head of Operations


  • Resides in the Germany

  • Started as a content creator for 6-7 figure channels

  • Built a reputation as one of the most hardest working and trusted managers in the industry

  • Founded Content Creation Company

  • Currently holds equity in multiple channels

Anderson Tchatchou, YouTube Advisor

  • Resides in Virginia

  • Background in digital marketing, website design, and Ecom

  • Started first channel in 2020

  • Has equity in a 7 Figure channel